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We rented a car yesterday and were driving around in the Mediterranean heat when we began to wonder what the smell was. After Carita giving me a hard time about my socks, we parked in the sun and returned later to find it smelt so bad that we could hardly get back inside. It was then I opened the boot and found three cases of maggots, nicely heated up by the sun and stinking!

I wasn't sure if it was some kind of special offer I'd missed when I was renting it, kind of a, "Rent a car, get a lifetime supply of maggots free" sort of thing, so I thought it best just to leave them there. Anyway, I drove back into San Antonio this morning to return the car, parked up in a random place in town, and as soon as I walked away from it a van pulled up, two guys got out, opened up the rental car, grabbed the maggots, then sped off.

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