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Mooring Moves

We were lucky enough to find an unused mooring a few weeks ago in the sheltered cala that Zamindar is in, so, as it's much more secure than being anchored, we dived down and shackled the boat onto it. The other day, however, we were told that the people who own the mooring are bringing their boat over and, naturally, wanted it back. We half expected this, but it's not too bad as there are quite a few other abandoned mooring blocks lying around the seabed there. So the following day was spent more underwater than out of it as we dived around the bay hunting around for a moorings. After a couple of hours we'd found a few smaller mooring blocks, moved the odd one into a better position, and re-attached Zami in her new position to several of them. By the time I got out of the water, however, I could hardly stand on land - too much breathing through a tube!

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