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Dinghy Escapes

I went onto deck at 04:00 this morning to collect Carita from the beach after she'd finished work and found that the dinghy was gone. Somewhat shocked, I looked around the bay and then spotted something close to the entrance. I shone the searchlight there - and, thankfully, it was the dinghy, about to float out to sea! By this time Carita was on the beach so I phoned her, explained what had happened, and asked if she fancied a swim. It was closer to the shore than to Zamindar so she ran around to where it was, stripped off, dived into the dark water and brought it back.

The really strange thing was that my knot was still in the rope so we sat for ages trying to figure out how it could have unhooked itself from Zamindar and gone off on it's own. I guess we'll never know, but we were just so lucky that it didn't disappear into the open sea.

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