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Carita's Birthday

It was Carita's birthday at the weekend (22 now, so she's getting a bit past it) as well as being a year since we met so after having a bottle of champagne at sunset we went out for a lovely meal to Vaca Argentina, which serves the best steak in Ibiza (flown in fresh from South America). Being unable to stay away from work for a whole day, we then went around and had a drink with Carita's work chums before going out to Es Paradis with Sanna.

Es Paradis, one of the big clubs in San Antonio, is white and bright inside, with a dance floor surrounded by fake Greek pillars that worryingly took me back to Century 2000, a club in Edinburgh in the early 90's which has since been renovated several times. It was incredibly empty as well, so after a very expensive beer we took the dinghy back to the boat and continued drinking there.


Hi Carita

Love and kisses



ps sorry I didn't do this earlier my pc was in
for repairs

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