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Seagull Pie

At the weekend we took the dinghy over to Isla Conejera with Sanna, one of Cyberdog's designers. The island, which lies about 10km west of San Antonio, is uninhabited apart from some endangered black lizards and the occasional drunken yachtie. Every day here the temperature is over 30c now, so after a hot walk across the island up to the lighthouse, Carita was bright red from the heat and we were dying for a swim, but the view was worth it. At the top of the hill, in a clearing, however, we came across a large, fairly fresh pile of seagull feathers stacked on the grass, and further on we found some large bones which had been cut through with something big and heavy rather than chewed the way you would expect an animal to do.

Not many people go to the more isolated parts of Ibiza, but occasionally if you do, you'll come across someone living in a cave who's (taken way too many drugs and) gone back to nature, surviving off whatever he can catch. But whatever it is we probably won't be going back there for the sunset.

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