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Shitty Job

Just before Colin left, the toilet got blocked. And it was me who did it after a particularly virulent night of drinking. I was tempted to ignore it until my hangover went away but knew leaving it festering in the heat wouldn't make the job any easier so I stripped off and started taking it apart to find the blockage. Even with my past experience of toilet maintenance this was a classic, the smell almost making Colin, myself and the dog throw up, but once the initial shock of being covered in shit wears off it can actually become quite interesting.

So in case you too find it interesting, here's a picture of Lavac toilet maintenance in mid-flow, so to speak. Go on, you know you want to...


Your going to get a few more hits now from interested chocolate web junkies me thinks.....

and they're most welcome!

You have a habit of playing with your toilet don't you? Are you trying to get on www.ratemypoo.com?

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