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Superfast Ferries

We called Superfast Ferries to find out how much their cheapest ticket from Rostock to Hanko was and they told us €80, which their website also claims. On arriving in Rostock, however, we went to the ferry terminal the night before to book them and were somewhat surprised, especially as it was mid-October, to be told that seats were sold out and we would have to take cabins. Cabins were segregated male and female and we would have to pay €155 each to sleep in a cabin with three strangers or €190 each to share a cabin together. We asked which day they would have seats available as we were willing to wait but they replied that they were sold out for the next two weeks!

We decided to look to see if there were any other options for getting to Finland but other than going via Sweden we had no choice so we returned the next day to take the cabins. We were served by another girl on the desk, who, when we again enquired about seats, instead of checking the computer, asked her manager if they were available. It was her manager whom we had dealt with the night before and she replied sharply that we had already been told that no seats were available. We asked if they were likely to get any cancellations but we were told that this was highly unlikely. The ferry didn't seem as if it was going to be busy and it seemed to us that they were deliberately not selling the reclining seats as they could make more money on the cabins.

On boarding the ferry we discovered that not only were most of the reclining seats empty but there was another entire room of reclining seats which remained locked for the entire voyage. We complained and asked to be downgraded and at first the service desk staff were happy to do this although they said they would not be able to give us a refund directly. It was then that the Chief Purser stepped in and told us we could not have reclining seats. His reason seemed to be that they were forbidden to sell them. We asked why they were advertised on their website in that case and he immediately denied what he had just said. He was unable to tell us why so many seats were empty whilst we were being charged double for tickets and his only suggestion was that perhaps there had been a massive, sudden cancellation moments before the ferry sailed.


What bastards they are.
I think if time permits I would write
in or email the CEO .
Are they members of a trade ferry association?


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