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Support Regime Change

As yesterday's polls proved, George Bush has managed to brainwash the majority of American people into enthusiastically supporting him and his plan to take over the world. Guilty of war crimes, killing hundreds of thousands, torturing and imprisoning innocent people, and being incredibly stupid, surely this is more than justifiable reason for the United Nations to organise an invasion of the US in order to bring about a long overdue regime change.


What a great man Mr Shrub is. !
This is true democracy in action ;(
It really beggers belief that a person who
presents as a complete twit-oh will lead
the WORLD into terror filled darkness for
the next four years.
Have you ever wondered if it us who are in
the wrong and we are missing a piece of the
jigsaw that would make this madness make sense ?
I certainly do !

Love and kisses,


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