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Diamonds Are Forever

Sitting watching adverts on tv with Colin tonight, one came on for vodka. Anyway, in it the guy dies (probably from drinking too much) and looking for everlasting happiness for him his friend takes his ashes to a company which turns them into a diamond and it ends up in a tooth of a gorgeous girl's mouth.

So we both agree that it's pretty cool and probably better than feeding the worms but then we have the fantasy/reality discussion - Colin claiming that it's just a beer ad and hence, the things that happen in it are not part of the 'real world'. Anyway, by complete coincidence later tonight I ended up reading an article on things to do before you die which mentions LifeGem, a company which will happily turn your ashes into quality diamonds good enough to become part of a ring or, more practically, cut through glass!


Its a nice idea, but the amount of ashes that a human body leaves behind is enough for a diamond the size of a bed bug... but i like the idea... ;)

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