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We drove around the lake to the tiny town of Inari today to visit Inari Reindeer Farm. It was in a lovely place close to Lemmenjoki ('River of Love' translated) with reindeer tied to all the trees around the driveway as we arrived. We hand fed a couple of them and their mouths felt really quite cold as they licked the food out of our hands. Expecting just to be able to see them, we were surprised when they offered us the chance to drive a reindeer pulling a one-person sleigh. Carita was hugely excited as it was yet another entry to add to her list of animals ridden so she went first and I waited until she got back.

Moses, the reindeer chosen to pull my sledge, was eight years old, having been gradually trained since he was one. He set off slowly for the first part of the route, looking back at me every so often, and followed a circular track. About half-way through, however, he suddenly broke into a sprint, moving really quite fast, and kicking snow up into my face as he galloped to the end of the route. Afterwards, we were given coffee in a kota (traditional Sami hut), and presented with our reindeer driving licences before we left for a look around Inari's impressive Sami Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre.

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