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New Year 2005

2005 started rather differently - in a hot-tub next to a frozen lake, with two naked men. We're staying at Carita's brother's log cabin in the forest here in Lapland and the partying began at lunchtime with whisky and beers. We spent the afternoon taking wood to his lakeside sauna with the snowmobile and trailer, drinking beer as we piled the logs. It was the inauguration of the new wood-burning hot tub, so after filling it with water, we stoked it full of wood, lit the fire, and went off to dinner hoping it wouldn't take too long to heat in the arctic temperature.

By the time we'd eaten we were pleasantly surprised to find that the water was lovely and hot so the girls jumped in and we took the snowmobile out onto the frozen lake where we launched the traditional new year fireworks. The first one I launched stuck in it's tube, fell over and nearly hit the other guys and the snowmobile, which wouldn't have made me very popular.

Next it was our turn to cook, so we sat in the wood-heated sauna for a bit before making a painful dash across the snow to the steaming hot-tub, which by now was near-boiling! We lost track of time sitting there and suddenly realised that midnight had quietly passed so we celebrated by making snow angels - lying down naked in the snow! We returned to the sauna to heat up a bit more and spent the following three hours alternating between the sauna and hot-tub, drinking beers and cognac in there until quite pissed and very dehydrated!

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