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Frozen Sea

I checked out of Valge Villa, the guest house I'd been staying in which had been pretty good - friendly, and fast internet access in all the rooms, and headed for the port to catch a ferry over to Helsinki.

The ferry turned out to be packed. Lots of drunken Finns were taking home cases and cases of beer, and with no spare seats anywhere I eventually found a space on the floor, sat down, and read my book.

As we began to get closer to Finland I went out onto deck to look at the sea and was amazed to find that it was frozen over and had turned to ice! The ship was going through a frozen sea, cracking the ice with it's hull and sending fragments flying out and moonlight illuminating the frozen surface for miles. It looked incredible and felt just like being on the Titanic! Although it was about -12c I just couldn't go back inside and was the only person standing mesmerised by the frozen sea all the way to Helsinki harbour.

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