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The weather remained good all of this week, and apart from a trip across to the mainland of Ibiza on Wednesday, to travel all over the island and hunt out some anti-fouling, we've been working hard on the boat all the time. Most of the week I've been getting strange looks, wandering around with red hair and with dust in my eyes, mouth, and everywhere from all the old anti-fouling we've been scraping off the hull. The surveyor arrived yesterday, seemed very Dutch and professional, and did the inspection before having to rush off again on the ferry. In the afternoon, with all the scraping and preparation finally done, Carita and I began painting the hull, and continued until sunset when we were forced to open a five litre keg of my favourite German beer, Warsteiner, to quench our thirst.

This morning we managed to finish off the anti-fouling just before the Travelift arrived to take us out of the yard, and after another tense trip across the road, we were re-launched this afternoon. It was a lovely day, so instead of just taking Zamindar back to her berth in the marina, we motored down to the idyllic, white, sandy beaches of Illetes and anchored for a few hours. In the summer that whole coast of Formentera is packed with boats, but today it was just us and a big Italian motorboat sitting in the incredibly clear water. It felt good to be anchored again, and really seemed to make the last week's hard work worthwhile.


I was antifouling yesterday too. In the dark. it was 7 degrees. Very jealous!!!! PS> Micron Optima is brilliant stuff.

what? better than aftershave??

No, it's not as good as aftershave due to the fact that it's water based. However, 'Interprotect' is, especially if you're painting a propellor in your nice warm spare room with it. :)

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