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Name That Tune

Now complete strangers can judge how trendy you are from the music you listen to. iTunes makes it possible to share your music library over the local network you're connected to, allowing anyone else connected to the same network to look at your collection, listen to those songs, and decide for themselves how cool you are.

The cafe I regularly come to in Helsinki seems to be a big Apple hangout - attractive people with Macs outnumber pc users just about any day of the week. Sitting with my latte and using their wireless network, I was sifting through iTunes today when I noticed a shared playlist connected - Kinoma Soi. Clicking on it I could see it obviously belonged to a big heavy metal fan, with lots of Metallica and Iron Maiden, but there were some interesting tracks I used to like so I listened to a few.

iTunes allows you to stream the music to your machine but won't let you copy them so I quickly downloaded OurTunes, an open source program designed to get around this, downloaded a couple of WASP and Van Halen songs I used to listen to at school, and continued looking through the collection which probably belonged to a Hell's Angel somewhere downstairs.

But do you want everyone to be able to form an opinion on you by the music you listen to? What if you listen to shit? On college campuses where hundreds of students are connected to the same network it's now spawned a new form of discrimination - Playlistism. Close on the heels of that, Flirting by iTunes has begun. Maybe the time has finally come to clean up your music library.

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