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The Joys of Moving

naked ikea
I got to Finland just in time to help Carita move into our new flat in Espoo so the last week has been spent moving boxes, visiting Ikea of all places, and putting furniture together. If I didn't like Ikea before that ordeal then I absolutely loathe it now. Hours spent trying to figure out where all the spastic designed bolts and attachments go and then it turns out they go into corners that are too small to get your fingers into unless you're the retarded five year old that designed it. Then, after ripping your hand open on a razor thin slice of veneer and your girlfriend trying to dig the splinter out with a potato peeler (don't ask), you find that you've put the nearly identical screws in the wrong place, or there's one missing, or that part of it is damaged and you have to take it all apart again, get it back into the car, and return to the centre of evil to get it exchanged and ruin another day of your life.


Haha, so that is your new table then is it...?
Matey, when are you gonna come by in Bristol? My new flat still has a 3rd empty room and Lucas has 2 spare matresses. You'd have to give notice though because I have many empty boxes in that room. Yes I am a lazy fart. Too lazy to get them out unless someone plans to occupy the room...;O)

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