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Downloadable Origami

this is paper!
For someone who's all but forgotten how to use a pen I still have a strange fascination with stationery shops. Whilst in Ginza's massive stationery store Ito-Ya finding Carita a hanga woodcarving set I came across some amazing origami kits of lions and birds with life-like curved features.

Luckily I didn't buy any, however, as this evening whilst looking at outboards on Yamaha's website I bizarrely stumbled across downloadable origami. Not only do they have boring lions and 'rare animals of japan' but they also have realistic models of Yamaha motorcycles including an origami garage set complete with grease and a Snap-On tool chest! Just download them, print them out, and start putting them together!

"The challenge level and your satisfaction guaranteed!"


thanks a lot for posting the link to this Yamaha origami site! i'm going to give these a shot!

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