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Leaving Formentera

After putting it off a couple of times, convinced either by other people to stay a bit longer, or that the weather forecast would be better in another day or two, the time finally came to leave Formentera. Carita had less than a week left before her flight back to Finland from Andalucia, so we couldn't leave it much longer.

The boat had been in Ibiza and Formentera for two years, Carita & I had met there, and we both knew how magical and special a place it is. As often happens, the last weeks you spend in a place you have to leave are often the best. In Sabina, getting refused fresh bread for one last time, we bumped into Jean-Pierre and Claire, sat down and had a coffee with them, and they chatted about their time sailing in West Africa, giving lifts to locals with pigs on their boat.

Carita and I headed back to Espalmador and lifted and stowed the dinghy and outboard on deck - a mammoth task which took hours. Jorge and Elizabeth came over and we all said our farewells - Jorge joking that my anchor may not come out as it had been buried there so long. It was evening as we left, and it felt sad as Espalmador began to fade into the mist. Soon, however, the sadness was replaced with a slight feeling of excitement as we busied ourselves getting everything ready for our first night at sea.

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