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The Fly

If there's one thing that strikes you about Almeria, it's the flies. They're everywhere. And they want inside of you. They continually fly into your ears, land on your face, keep you awake at night, and are too fast to swat. Maybe there's so many of them because of all the fruit and vegetables grown in the region - the landscape is a patchwork of plastic greenhouses. They seem to have grown genetically resistant to poison; I pumped half a can of fly killer into one before it even began to slow down, and even that was probably just because it was getting too heavy to fly. As soon as you sit down outside with a drink they're in it, and you spend your social time picking them out and studying your glass of red wine for insects swimming across it.

So you spend your days brushing the flies away that are trying to land on your face until you don't have the energy to do it anymore. They land in your eyes, lay their eggs, the eggs hatch, and you go blind.


What you need is cockroach spray, that used to kill most things if I remember...except the big cricket thing in Macapa.......

I've never found anykind of poison that would have actually worked in the way of killing those monsturous spawns of the fallen black angel.
They just are and will continue to be untill we pass away and then they will feast on our decaing corpses....
( its still quite early in the morning.. :)

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