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Carita's Birthday

It was Carita's birthday last weekend, as well as being two years since we met, and for the first time we were celebrating it in the Finnish summer rather than a Mediterranean heat-wave. We started off the day energetically with a game of paddle tennis, and everyone was amazed at just how bad we turned out to be.

Later, after some drinks and a bottle of champagne, I took Carita to Restaurant Michelle for dinner. Helsinki doesn't seem to have many slick-looking, independent, modern restaurants - most are very traditional in design and cooking, so Michelle seemed like a good option. The atmosphere was romantic and peaceful when we arrived, and we both had the fillet of reindeer, Daniel Saint sauce and cheese potatoes, which was perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour - really fantastic! Vegetables other than potatoes are unusual in Finnish cooking and it's often said that Finns get their stamina from sausage, beer, and sauna!

We'd been warned when we arrived that, as it was Saturday, there would be a band playing later, and by the time desert arrived the band was setting up and the bar area was getting packed with Finns in search of beer. We had the chocolate cake with berries and caramelled sugar, and the selection of three mousses. Desert and cake isn't given the same priority in Finland as in many other countries, and isn't considered an essential part of a good meal, so it's often disappointing. This, unfortunately, was no different, so we paid the bill, dodged out before the band started, and went home to have a lovely bottle of wine, determined in future to find a good source of cake in the capital.


Happy Birthday Carita xxxx

In this case Cornish time does
" cum a cropper " ( translated into
english that the all seeing go oogle
will understand ;-) ) means we have
have no time in Cornwall but anniversaries
are important to us............

Lovely to hear the meal was good the
music less so !

to all three



Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Carita, and a happy anniversary to you both too :-)
Love us xx

Hallo and many thanks :)
I'm an old hag now as my loving boyfriend likes to remind me.
(he's just come of age in the hobbit years.... which probably means that i'm still an infant in the same years.
Thank you for the lovely pressie Simon, I'm sure it'll give me a few funny looks at the passport checkpoints. Gloomy the blood thirsty arse kicking teddybear is my new favourite thing, I love it! ;)
Couldn't figure out what cum a cropper meant and even google was bewildered this time, but you can explain it to me when I see you next. :)

And congratulations to Chris£Berit for your chosen path may it be a smooth one.

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