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Cycle Route Map

I've put together a clickable route of my cycle trip here.


Whow what a great way to record your journey bron..

My problem ( and it is mine)is
that it was not as I had mentally visulized ! I had thought loads of island and the distance between finland and Sweden is smaller.... it is indeed faultlessly accutate.

Might have to talk (over a pint) that which I find hard to type.

Look froward to more swcfp
in the near future.



There's a few bugs in your clikable route matey, can't seem to see the comments and the google earth map doesn't load fully all the time - your pushing to system boundaries again!

It uses Google Maps standard API. Just make sure you're using an up-to-date browser - Firefox recommended; and it should work fine.

Hello Chrissychris.
Why doesn't the commenting work on your site?

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