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Sony Bravia Advert

bravia_gallery_03.jpgHere's a site about the making of the Sony Bravia ad by Danish director Nicolai Fuglsi, in which 250,000 bouncy balls really were dropped down a San Francisco street. I heard about the making of the advert in the summer but it wasn't until I first saw it some weeks ago that I was so impressed. The natural flowing movement of the balls, their colours, and the chilled soundtrack, make the ad deeply hypnotic for me to watch.


Lovely advert matey, good spot. So impressed, I've just downloaded the full tune "Heartbeats" by José González

I concur.... I assumed it was
all computer simulated being
Sony ..just shows what you
can do if yoy have the balls



It's a great advert. I like this version of the song "Heartbeats" too. The original version is best though by The Knife, because it's different, and the first version I heard.

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