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Ilfracombe to Woolacombe

After Scotland I flew down to Bristol, spent an evening with Chris and Berit, then Simon appeared in the morning and we headed off to continue walking some more of the South West Coast Path.

We parked in Ilfracombe and, after a visit to the overstaffed but deserted tourist office housed in an odd building known as Madonna's Tits (due to it's twin pointed roofs), we headed off into the unknown. Simon had provisioned well for the walk by packing some 8.6% lager, which we opened half-way up the first hill, helping to bring a jovial mood to the hike but possibly not helping us walk any faster.

Shortly afterwards, walking through a field, Simon shouted, "Mine! Mine!" and sprinted ahead. Surprised to discover that landowners had begun mining their fields to deter walkers, all was made clear when Simon brandished a new Tilly hat (value £47) which had just been lying in the field waiting for him. It was even a perfect fit and he was so overjoyed by his find that he was smiling for the rest of the week thinking of his terrific luck.

We walked on through the village of Lee, which we had considered calling our destination, but fuelled on by the Special Brew we chose to head on up the steep cliffs and on towards Woolacombe. Partly because we'd made a late start in the day, and possibly due to the beer drinking, dusk was quickly moving in but all we had to do, we reasoned, was follow the path along the cliff edge avoiding the sheer drop into the Atlantic until it took us right into the town of Woolacombe. This soon proved to be more difficult than we had imagined, and we spent the last hour of the walk stumbling blindly around through undergrowth and into the town dump, looking for the long lost Coastal Path.

Finally, we made it into the glaring streetlights of Woolacombe with even enough time to rest our weary legs in the pub and have a pint before catching the last bus back to where the van was parked.


dude, not a word about your pal Kryn giving back your lens? And no word about your new toy?

A really lovely couple of days walking.
Sorry if I went over board about the hat but it was so
really odd...
a new hat sitting top up right in the middle of the path...
wierd to say the least.
We are a shining example of walking excelence... high octain lager, no torch, no detailed map failed to understand distance versus
day light hours..
I think we must go back to
Woolacoombe say August to
make sure we did that last
couple of hundred meters
correctly ;)



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