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Reflections of 2005

reflections with IM Jolly
Back in the days long ago when I lived in Scotland and television programmes would finish at midnight, the last programme of the day was 'Reflections'. Presented by a different priest or minister every week, they would sit and invite the late night drink-sodden public to reflect over their day in a subtle yet guilt-inducing Christian manner.

Well, today I am your Rev I.M. Jolly, sitting in a leather armchair with my bottle of whiskey and inviting you to reflect over all your sins and pleasures as we reach the end of yet another year.

Have a happy and fulfilling New Year when it arrives, go in peace, and rest assured that I love you all.




Enjoy your whiskey my friend just remember you can seek forgiveness for your sins in a three by three booth tomorrow and do the same sin next week ;)

I always support the Nazarean through his site.....


Happy New Year.....

Love and kisses..



Let's hope for a more Peaceful New Year

Awesome blog. Peace out until next time TabathaOster

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