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Flight of the Crow

When we first found the crow we suspected it had a broken wing, but noticing some discoloured white feathers in it's wings we called around some vets and bird sanctuaries, describing it to them. Eventually, we spoke to someone who sounded as if they knew what they were talking about. In recent years they've found birds in the cities, unable to fly, with discoloured wing feathers and think it's something to do with a poor diet. Although they've tried feeding them up, however, they've never recovered well enough to be able to fly again. A quick google search, however, shows that discoloured feathers have long known to be a sign of poor nutrition in birds. It's illegal to keep a wild bird yourself in Finland, and new laws requiring them to have a five square metre cage to themselves meant that none of the sanctuaries wanted it.

So we kept our illegal visitor ourselves, Carita, continued feeding the crow well, and it seemed to be improving. We were still somewhat surprised, however, when the other morning whilst she was out on the balcony, it jumped up onto the wall, looked at her, then flew off. I was just relieved, as Carita's recent coughing fits had been making me think it had bird flu.


Radagasts favourite food was fish and sausages :) I miss him a little bit.

Bloody ungrateful those crows arn't they ?
It isn't like that in Uncle
Walts movies and I bet you
will find he made many premium rate phone calls to various lonely /deviant crow chat lines
when you bill comes in ;)



it also must have been checking the weather forecast as a few hours after it left the weather really warmed up here and all the snow has now melted.

from my browser history it looks like it was surfing porn on my mac too!

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