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Powerbook Ram Slot Failure

My Mac starting running really slowly about a month ago, and after lots of wondering, I finally noticed that half of my ram had disappeared. My first assumption, of course, was that Carita had taken it, so I shipped her off to Poland for some US style torture and interrogation.

When this failed to turn anything up I dropped into the Apple maintenance centre in Helsinki to borrow a really small screwdriver and scrounge a loan of a new ram chip for five minutes to see if one of my ram chips had fried. Whilst I was busy opening up the machine the woman there suggested that it could be the ram slot itself, which seemed an unlikely thing to say, as I'd then need to replace the entire motherboard. Assuming she just had mental problems I ignored her comment, but obviously she'd seen this problem before. Swapping around the ram in the upper slot made no difference, however, and the lower slot was a bit difficult to access in the time I had, as I was taking up most of the counter in the Apple Centre.

Later I was doing a search for the dreaded white spot screen syndrome which my mac also seems to be getting (my serial number's not covered by the recall), and bizarrely, or because of Google's all-seeing intelligence, a page about lower ram slot failure also turned up. It seems that so many Powerbooks have been affected that there's a petition against Apple to do something about it. Apparently, even after the motherboard has been replaced there's a high incidence of it recurring, especially when doing a software update, so I'll probably just buy a big stick of ram and put that in the working slot. Now if only my warranty hadn't expired last year...

The new Intel Macs do look very tempting - but it'll probably take a year or two for them to iron out initial problems. Hopefully they come with an asbestos tray to save your legs from being fried by the 4-5 times speed increase, but what's with the name? Macbook Pro?? Sounds more like a burger.

In other Mac news... the Apple Newton lives! Newton, my first and IMHO the greatest pda has been resurrected to run on Linux.


Cannot see how it can re-occur as a prob if you replace the M/board unless the M/boards are faulty...
Microsoft would be proud to have caused as much chaos and would blame it on the users - Doncha jurst lurve Steve Jobs?

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