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Out of Touch

We've been on the National Park island of Koh Taratao for the last week, enjoying unparalelled tranquillity, and completely cut off from mobile phones, internet, and email. Yesterday, we took the ferry to Koh Lipe, where I'm writing this over an expensive satellite connection, so I'll have to wait until we return to the mainland next week to fill in the details of all the incredible wildlife we've seen and what's been happening.


Sounds great, look forward to your full report...did carita adopt anything?

O, I so much wanted to, but Bron didn't warm up to the idea of a Giant Monitor lizard in the flat and the sharks were a bit too big for the aquarium we have :). Im sure we might have some interesting insect friends travelling north with us though... :D

The question really is what
was the crow situation in
the far east ?

Monitor lizards are ok but
tend to obsure the view !


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