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Welcome to Finland

Within thirty seconds of touching down in Finland I'd had an argument with a drunken Finn who seemed intent on preventing me from getting my luggage out of the plane. I was then greeted by Arctic temperatures of -17c and forced to spend an exhorbitant amount of cash to get a taxi out to Espoo as the bus drivers were all on strike. Carita and Ira, however, were outside waiting for me, oblivious to the mind-numbing temperatures, and after travelling for 25 hours the long way from Cornwall, it all felt worthwhile.

Travelling without a laptop on the trip to Asia, I spent far too much time enjoying the break and trying to cram as much as I could into it rather than sitting in internet cafes blogging about it; and the guilt is overwhelming. Now that I'm back in Finland and it's a choice of going outside to freeze my nuts off or sitting in front of a screen, I can spend the time wisely, blogging about the rest of our time in Thailand and Laos, and uploading the hundreds of photographs I took - overcoming my Catholic guilt in the process.

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