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Back from the Dead

After my longest break from blogging since the drug-fuelled years of the seventies I guess I've got some explaining to do. Neither dead nor imprisoned, too much has just been happening, and that's my problem with blogging.

When nothing's going on you feel pressured to post something, wandering the streets hunting for inspiration, then end up posting a link to yet another boring website. On the other hand, when you're having the most exciting time of your life you can't just stop every day and go off and blog about it, especially if you're in an exotic location without internet access such as, err... Cornwall.

Being pissed every night for the last two weeks has had nothing to do with it.


So there you have it. Happiness is a pint of wine in a Cornish backpackers hostel dreaming of scooping the photo of the month award in Cornwall Today magazine. Not a boat or a Beemer in sight.
So let's hear about Cornwall then.

I do hope you've been drinking 'blue lemonade' mr. BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!!!!

Patience, Nick, patience. Soon you will hear all... well, almost all.

And no, Mark... it was indeed pints of wine rather than blue lemonade!

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