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Life in the Jungle

After looking around at several places in town we found a 2 bedroom house just outside Hikkaduwa to rent for Rs10,000 (about £50) a month, with a lovely garden overlooking paddy fields and a back door that opens out onto the jungle.

The garden's packed with wildlife - yesterday we had monkeys in the coconut trees behind the house and huge ratsnakes fighting on the lawn. Just while writing this, a mongoose and a couple of monitor lizards have wandered past the front door.

Hearing that one of the big snakes from the garden often likes to come into the house for shelter when it rains, we had all the holes in the window mesh repaired before we moved in. Within days, however, they were all destroyed again as the family of palm squirrels that has a nest in a corner of the living room likes to be able to run in and out of the house from different directions.

The garden's filled with exotic plants, and has papayas, breadfruit, chillies, peppercorns, bananas and dozens of coconut trees growing in it, with brightly coloured kingfishers and sunbirds flying around them. After a rainstorm, the noises from the jungle are deafening, as all the frogs and insects come to life, making it almost impossible to get to sleep some nights.

Our first night turned out to be quite exciting - Faye's scared of spiders and I have a deep disliking for cockroaches, so naturally, we returned from dinner to find a massive cockroach and a huge spider on the living room floor! The spider, being as big as my hand, was enough to even scare me, but after a head to head with it I finally managed to chase it out with a broom, and Faye took care of the cockroach with a big can of Baygon spray!

Since that first nervous night of little sleep, things have improved and lots of geckos have moved into the house, controlling the insects, and chasing madly around the walls and ceiling while we adapt to living next to the jungle.


sounds fun.... and I thought
a young rat not taking the bait for three nights (properly )was upsetting ....
I ought to get out more ??


Wow... you are lucky. I hope you took a photo of the spider for me.
I dont think the snakes were fighting though. They were propably mating, looking by the photos you sent me.

You could spread some lime around your house to keep the critters out when its raining... although that would keep the ones you alredy have trapped in. Just remember to check your shoes before you put them on... and the bed before you go to sleep. There are a lot of venomous crawlies that would like to cuddle up with you, when its damp out side.

O, I wish I was there to see all the wonderful wildlife.

bronski!! Waow, you better follow Caritas words. It sounds dangerous but beautiful in Sri Lanka. What are you actually dooing there beside looking out in your garden? We are all very curious and we spend the evenings here in Torsby talking about Bronskis choice of leaving to Sri Lanka. We want more posts and news from you! Its an order! Love love from Helena, Linda (pregnant)Chris, Katrin, John, Åsa

good "travelwords" from you. Sounds like a NYT reporter from the Travel section.

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