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February 3, 2007

Top Secret

Walking along the beach on our way to dinner at Top Secret it was just like any other evening - apart from the fact that Faye had unusually insisted on me smartening myself up. As we wandered up to the bar I spotted someone with an uncanny resemblance to Simon sitting in a deck chair with a beer. I pointed this out to Faye but she didn't answer - probably not even listening to me - and quite rightly so since Simon would be one of the least likely people to randomly find sitting on a beach in Asia. Never mind, I thought, maybe I'll tell that guy just how similar he looks to someone I know...

It was only when he looked up and said hello to me I realised that it was, in fact, Simon. Sitting in my local bar. In Sri Lanka.

Several beers later I still couldn't quite grasp it. It was just far too much of a culture shock. He'd spent weeks organising flights and secretly planning the trip with Faye so he could turn up in a bar on the other side of the world to surprise me in a Bogart sort of way.

We all had dinner together as I sat there shocked, then some more drinks, then we walked Simon along the beach to the guesthouse where he was staying that night. Not having been part of the planning process myself it all felt very surreal like none of it could really be happening.

February 20, 2007

Trip to Bangkok

I flew out to Bangkok on Wednesday on a Sri Lankan visa run. Since the immigration department in Colombo have had Faye's passport for the last month she couldn't come with me.

After a short, overnight, sleep-deprived flight I landed in Bangkok in a daze and staggeredout into it's stunning new airport. After months in rural Sri Lanka it felt more like we'd landed on the Death Star with it's glass, steel and concrete structure.

I'd had enough of turning up at guesthouses trying to get a room in previous years so this time I booked a hotel on the internet. After a quick trip on the airport bus I was dropped off right at the hotel door, checked in and passed out on the bed.