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March 7, 2007

Life on Mars

I flew back from Thailand the day after Cameron arrived in Sri Lanka so after a good night's sleep in Colombo we were picked up and driven down to our jungle house in Hikkaduwa. It was probably the first time I've been happy to get home after being in Thailand - mainly as it didn't involve returning to Europe in February.

Cameron produced Life on Mars, and as the series is set in 1973 there was much enjoyable talk of Ford Cortinas, the Tufty Club, and the evil BBC testcard girl - who still gives me nightmares to this day - during his stay. He'd previously sent us over the dvds of series one and Faye pointed out that watching it in outdated Sri Lanka is more like looking at life set in the future rather than the past.

We treated Cameron to the usual tour of the touts of Galle Fort, the swimming pool at the Lighthouse, and, of course, the bad music of Hikkaduwa's clubs before he escaped to the luxury of the Kandalama for a few days and met up again for a last supper in Colombo's Gallery Cafe before he flew out.

March 17, 2007

Badchoice Hosting

My email and website have been suspended twice in the last few weeks by Totalchoice hosting, the webhosting company I use. The first time was when I was in Thailand and everything stopped working. Eventually I found out it was because they'd screwed up my billing and after days they finally re-activated it whilst insisting that it was all my fault. Then a week ago it happened again. My website disappeared and my email stopped working overnight. Again I contacted them and was eventually told that due to a script on my website using up too many resources on their server they'd decided to suspend my account. They hadn't emailed me to ask me to do something about the script or even to tell me that my account had been suspended, and it seemed illogical to suspend my email as well.

Unfortunately, as I'm in Sri Lanka I don't have the bandwidth to move the site to another webhost so for the moment I just have to stay with them. Because of this I've had to temporarily disable comments on photos and blog commenting now requires signing in.

March 23, 2007

Snake in the House

I was wandering through to the kitchen the other morning half-asleep when something big moved on the floor. Instantly wakening up, I stopped and looked down to see a big snake just a few feet away from me in the corridor. Although we get lots of snakes in the garden, this was the first time I'd seen one inside. Once it realised that I was there it slowly slithered out of the back door and disappeared calmly into the undergrowth, leaving me a little bit shocked, and carefully watching wherever I walked in the house.