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Badchoice Hosting

My email and website have been suspended twice in the last few weeks by Totalchoice hosting, the webhosting company I use. The first time was when I was in Thailand and everything stopped working. Eventually I found out it was because they'd screwed up my billing and after days they finally re-activated it whilst insisting that it was all my fault. Then a week ago it happened again. My website disappeared and my email stopped working overnight. Again I contacted them and was eventually told that due to a script on my website using up too many resources on their server they'd decided to suspend my account. They hadn't emailed me to ask me to do something about the script or even to tell me that my account had been suspended, and it seemed illogical to suspend my email as well.

Unfortunately, as I'm in Sri Lanka I don't have the bandwidth to move the site to another webhost so for the moment I just have to stay with them. Because of this I've had to temporarily disable comments on photos and blog commenting now requires signing in.

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