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October 26, 2007

Slow Boat to Guernsey

I'm sitting on the slow ferry to Guernsey as it slides past Alderney on the smoothest crossing I've ever made to the island. Everythig outside is shades of grey; the water, the sky, the land - and completely still apart from the slightest movement of the ship.

I caught the train from Cornwall up to Chris and Berit's last night and we had to get up about 04:30 this morning to drive to Portsmouth to catch the morning ferry. This meant a two hour drive curled up on the back seat of Chris's lovely Audi TT as there's no headroom or legroom in it even for me. Still, I managed to sleep.

It feels good to be back on a slow ferry again - especially one that isn't rolling wildly in the English Channel - and takes me back to summer holidays years ago. Back in the days before fast ferries and everyone being in a rush. If only I hadn't had to get up so early!