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November 8, 2007

Bouncing Back to Sri Lanka

The lightning over south India became more concentrated until finally it was flashing all around the plane. Our aircraft bumped and juddered it's way through, then plummeted several metres so suddenly that my stomach rushed up through my body. By the time we came in to land, the storm was all around us - shaking the aircraft and surrounding it with cloud so thick that I couldn't see the wing out of my window. With sweaty palms, we finally bounced down onto Katuniyake runway in the wet, 4am darkness. I was back in Sri Lanka. And glad to be on the ground.

November 14, 2007

Flying Tigers

We woke up in the early morning sweltering - the power had been cut so the fans in the apartment had stopped. It was only later we read in the news that the government, fearing an attack by Flying Tigers, had cut the power to the whole of Colombo... again. Surely the Tigers don't have GPS.

Flying Tigers trigger Sri Lanka alert (AFP)

November 20, 2007

Colombo Hovels

Since getting back to Sri Lanka I've spent most of the last two weeks looking for somewhere for us to live in Colombo, as Faye's now working in the capital full-time. So day after day I've gone off with Dave, our useless estate agent, who's taken me from one overpriced hovel to another - a long string of houses and apartments that you would just want to top yourself in.

As soon as the landlords see that you're "a foreigner" the price of whatever squat they're attempting to rent triples and they begin insisting on one year's rent upfront. Irritatingly, because Colombo gets it's share of expats on expenses, they often get whatever they ask for. At this rate we're going to end up living in the shanty town down the road.