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Mugged by Midgets

In Pantip Plaza, Bangkok's huge electronics mall, I bought myself an Asus eee pc - their new ultra-cheap, ultra-portable laptop for 175 pounds. Walking into Siam with the laptop box in a carrier bag I crossed a canal bridge, packed with crowds, where the footpath narrows so much that two people can hardly pass each other. Suddenly, a guy nipped around in front of me and bent down - I thought, hang on - and realised that I was closed in on all sides, unable to move or get away. I pulled my bags in and hung onto them just as someone started pulling at me from behind. Next thing I knew one of my ankles was grabbed and yanked up to try to knock me over. I began yelling at them as loudly as I could to attract attention but I could only see the crowd around me. A brief struggle ensued - they kept pushing and pulling, I continued yelling - then they disappeared, back into the crowd.

I stopped and looked around to see the whole crowd staring at me; a white madman yelling and waving his bags around in the air for no apparent reason.

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