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Ants of Jaisalmer

I liked Jaisalmer more for what wasn't there than what was. Although the old fort was an exquisite collection of intricately carved sandstone buildings, since I'd flown into India I'd been in one big city after another. Being in a small town was a welcome escape from the madness of Indian traffic and some of the noise. That, and I was staying in a lovely guesthouse with a great roof terrace and lots of interesting people caused me to stay five nights.

On my second night I came down from the roof terrace, somewhat the worse for wear, to discover what looked like lots of specks of dirt moving around my bed. A more sober person would have realised sooner that a thousand or so ants had decided to build a nest behind the carved sandstone headboard and invade the bed. Maybe the ants were doing all the sandstone carving in town?

I decided to try to sleep on the roof terrace under the desert sky, but when the mosquitoes refused to let me rest I knew I had to waken up the guy sleeping on the floor in reception. In his helpful, but half-asleep, state he did his best to get the ants out of my bed but in the end decided it was easier just to give me another room.

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