tammikuu 29, 2004

Nuclearplants, politics and pressfreedom

The other day I wrote about about the strange lights in the sky and it turns out that I wasnt that far from the truth. Ok, those particular lights werent from a nuclear explosion ( they were friek aurora borealis, we have been having them lately. ), but there actually is a nother zernobyl wating to happen very close to the Finnish borders.
The other night on the news there was a repport about this nuclear plant, and they were interwieing this russian man who had been working in it for years. This man proved that the plant was very un safe, he had risced his life collecting evidence against his work place and ofcourse by comming forward lost his livelyhood and gained a lot of dangerous enemies. Still knowing all this he did what, sadly most wouldnt have done.
He was visiting Finland and showing all this evidence, and they also interwied a finnish ”expert” that had a few years before in cooperation of the russians declared this plant safe.
Allthough knowing all this evidence the russian nuclearplant is propably allowed to continue in to its sad end, but at least its not a secret anymore.

Finland is building a new nuclearplant, allthough we know that there are better options. Yes the electric bill would have risen a few euros, but they would have gone down again. I think the politicions are afraid to make ”radical” desicions, because they are afraid they will be remembered as the person that cost the taxpayers money, they arent able to think further than the next election.

Still finnish politics is cuite down to earth and close to people, but americanism is approaching fast. Alredy one is not able to trust that one will get deasent medical care in healthcenters, if you want to be sure trust only the privat sectors or go strait to a big university hospital. Im not even going to mentione the social security or the taxing that is driving all the young educated people abroad.

But there is still a few things Im proud of in Finland, one for example Finland ( according to www.rsf.org pressfreedom ranking 2003 ) is the leading country, the number one country in pressfreedom. :)The UK is number 27 and the United States of America is number 32.
Take a look where your country is, you mite be shocked.

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tammikuu 27, 2004

Making my site

My very good friend Otto Manninen, is teaching me how to build webs. Last weekend we spent building mine, well he did the building and i did the critisism ( or nagging… ), but we both managed to do a fare share of drinking . It was fun and educating at the same time. Theres still a lot to do, but we managed to make me a front page…. Wich is still under construction, but you can see a bit of it by clikcing my name on top of the page.
Im starting to pick up the same bad habbit of commenting and writing emails when im out of my head, as my dear Broninski has… well makes it more intresting.
I had a really fun weekend, kiitos Otto!

and hes still single... :) Heres his email addres ottoma@dnainternet.net
go get him girls! ...and why not others... hes very open minded.

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tammikuu 22, 2004

Sisters day out riding

I have been riding horses many years and we even had a few, and now my little sister has been bitten by the riding bug. The stables she goes to, in my opinion have very good teaching methods. They let the kids be free with the animals, make their own mistakes and the teaching is more than just a grumpy girl shouting at you from the tracs corner, which is the reason i got sick of school riding in my days, they also do a lot of cross country, which is what i like to do best.
We went there yesterday with my little sister Heli and spent the whole day taking care of the beasts. There's also many different kinds of animals, my personal favourite were the potbellypigs. After all the stable duties we got to go riding in the country. Heli's horse is an original finnish breed (finlandshorse) which has a great signifigance in our country's history. By nature this horse is very calm and strong. It can be used for hard labour, riding, competing and in history it had a big role in our war. I got to take a horse that looked like a mule. Fortunately the personality of the horse was very kind, we became friends. My sister was worried in case i could not handle it, but after riding an american warmblooded stallion successfully there are not many horses that will be a match for you. Everything went well and now i'm going to walk like a spastic for a few days because its been a good while since i have ridden a horse.
Well next week again… im sure that the piggywiggies are already missing me!

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tammikuu 20, 2004


Turku isn't what it used to be. I have been travelling around as long as i remember and never anything has been stolen from me so viciously as now when i visited Turku. The sad part is that I may know the person who stole from me, but one word of warning; beware when I catch you. I lost my cd player and my palm but the person that took these will lose much more when I cath them.
There is dark cloud over Turku.

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tammikuu 18, 2004

Strange light

Finally the winter is how it's supposed to be! Sorry that i keep talking about the weather, but winter and having snow in the winter is tightly combined with finnish peoples sanity.
Days are getting longer too, which is nice.
Few days ago we saw a really strange light outside; we were watching tv when suddenly we noticed this strange color outside (and no there was no drugs involved … the whole family experienced it ) it was sort of a light red. At first i thought that the windows were causing it; it felt like looking through pink shades. Me and mum of course rushed outside, but my little sister, suffering of some extreme form of puberty, couldn't be bothered.
It was truly amazing; it couldn't be the sun going down because in the edges of the thick clouds in the horizon it was bright blue like normal and it was still early. The light also made our skin look red. As the clouds kept moving the colour started to fade away. Strange …never seen anything like it.
My mums theory is that they were some kind of freak northern lights, but who knows… maby there was another nuclear plant accident in Russia ( wouldn't be the first ) anyway, sorry that i can't provide you with a picture.

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tammikuu 13, 2004

Alone again

My loving boyfriend Bron the broninsky has left Finland.
He left on sunday and already the days seem darker and longer.
We took him to the Helsinki trainstation where he continued to Tampere airport. Ira was with us as well and she was being impossible again. It never gets easier to say moimoi , even if its just for a short time. Ira is also missing him greatly; she's running around the house looking for him, sleeping in the door way, squeaking . I try to play with her but it doesn't seem to be the same. Bron took the winter with him aswell the snow is starting to melt again just when we thought that the winter was now permanently here.
I have to say that this is an exceptionally warm winter - last year this time it was ?25 - 35 now its ?5 - +2.
I miss my boyfriend.

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tammikuu 12, 2004


I like all kinds of animals...
except cockroaches and ferrets.

I have to say that they are the most disgusting creatures of the animal kingdom.
A ferret is a wheasel like little sneaky bastard and it's also closely related to skunks, from which of course these little demons have a very "distinctive" smell. Ferrets are actually bred by humans to be "pets" (or in my opinion pests!). Peple often make the mistake that they could survive in the wild, but they depend on man to care for them.
Don't make the mistake of turning your back on this treacherous devil, cause it will jump on you and it will bite even the feeding hand.
Ferrets are also very territorial and fiercely protect "their own", so you can kiss goodbye to having house guests. Even if you would like friends to visit, they will start making excuses after a few bloodbaths.
I can say from a personal experience that a ferret bite is extremely painful (I have been bitten by many different animals) and the smell of these vicious things sticks in your clothes for a looong time.
So I advise to think twice ... or 10 times before you let a Ferret enter your life.

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tammikuu 01, 2004

New year magic

Happy new year everbody!
The trditional new year in Finland consists of hard drinking, fireworks and fotunetelling.
Drinking starts usually a bit earlyer around 6 or 7 in the evening and people makes sure that the alcohol doesent run out.
In finland the bublic is allowed to use fireworks only once a year and thats on new year. Because of that people are in a frensie , so they buy looots of them. The official time to fire them is from 6 in the evening to 2 in the morning, but most of the rockets are blown twelwish in mid night. Ofcourse by mid nigth everybodys pissed so its not unusual for people to blow themselves and a few familymembers up. Very yong children are also allowed to handle fireworks so theres a lot of accidents. Every year theres many campains to prevent this but we have hard heads.
At mid night we also tell fortune (my favourite part), new year wouldnt be enything without it.
We melt small tin horseshoes on the owen. When the horseshoe is melted you drop it in cold water and at the same time people shouts out your name. When you pick the piece of tin out from the water it has recived a new shape. You look at this shape under candlelight and the shape will tell your fortune for the next year.
This year I got a dragon/wolf head, Bron got a nesting dragon and a small dragon (will he be a scientifik marwel ?), mom got our dead dog… my dad got a sneak/seahorse, the dogs got money and Simon our dear friend in Cornwell got a flying squrrel. Now everybody can make up their own minds what does this mean ? ;)

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