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Rain and work...

It rained quite a lot today. I stopped off at the shop to unload some stock from Martex, and the shop got mobbed so it took me some time to park the car. After the initial burst today it quietened down so I had a chance to grab an early lunch. I managed to get lost on two companies' phone systems today. 17:10 I called Andrew Mortali at his flat in Glasgow to see if he fancied going out at the weekend. He says he's probably coming home again so we may go out together here. We had a good laugh and talked about fast cars, Armani, etc. I dived home in the BMW after work and took Mum to an auction viewing at Curr & Dewar's. We were there until about 19:00, then came home, ate, and I watched a 'Without Walls' on cars which had a good roadtest match against a Viper and a Ferrari 348. I took Pal out, did the money, and now here I am. My spare time often doesn't amount to much nowadays. I have to get the shop organised for the Rothmans visit on Monday, and somehow I have to make space for an ITL delivery on Thursday.

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