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Updating While I Work

Well how about this? Being able to update my diary whilst having a till system running simultaneously on Excel. As you may have guessed I have now installed the PC in the shop as the till went down a week ago. It's running great. The only problem is that I don't have a PC to use in the office right now... yet.

A week ago romeley the Gawith Hoggarth rep came in & I got our discount raised from 1.5% to 7.5%!!! Mainly because they are opening another factory and they want to be more competitive - especially with us! Also, last Monday morning I had an 08:00 meeting with Rothmans down at the Earl Grey. I managed to get our account kept open! I'm currently waiting for some software for the till system arriving - it's DOS though and I do like this windows system!

On Thursday I went up to Gleneagles for a haircut and ran into Julie at reception. She seemed really pleased to see me. I said, "We have to have a game of squash sometime". "Yeah", she said, "Phone me... that is if you want to." Of course I don't want to, and probably won't. I did get a good haircut though and then had a fabulous workout.

On Saturday I was supposed to be going out with Andrew. That was until he phoned at 19:00 to say he had to stay in Glasgow that night & take a friend to the airport. He had pulled at a club on the Friday night. Suddenly I had a free night! Workout then Century 2000? Yeah!! So I finished cleaning the car then grabbed something to eat. I got up to Gleneagles at 21:00. Wild workout. Get left in the gym late as there is a late bar for the Law Society crowd. Changing room to myself and I take plenty of time to get my hair and things right. I leave, taking it easy past the new 'Speed Camera' signs outside. I take a short detour through Leith and get into Century shortly after midnight. I didn't even fall asleep driving home later!


' I do like this windows system!' that's gotta be a quote to regret!

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