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Running with the BMW

Had a test drive in a BMW 840i last weekend and someone cut me off while I was thundering around a roundabout. It's computer systems avoided him though. Had a 24hr test drive in an Alpina B2.8 last week which was incredibly fast and a sexy handler. Went through to Hamilton with Ged on Saturday night, but didn't really get into the mood of things. On Sunday (Easter) I went out with Andrew, Steve, etc. DeStihl's was mobbed so we went to Fat Sams. The blonde who comes into the shop from Marks & Spencers was there and gave me a knockback, then I lost my cloakroom ticket (for my Boss), had to wait until everyone else had left, and all my friends had then got taxis home. Took Beamer and went for run through Camperdown park with it idling alongside me. Started to feel a bit better.


What is it with you and blondes from M&S....remember Jersey?

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