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Almost arrested by Harbour Patrol

Im sitting on the ferry, Emerauds Solidor 3, right now heading over to St. Malo. Id gathered together so much stuff to go back to the yacht that it was going to be a serious hassle getting trains & ferries so I bought a five day return for the BMW & myself & decided to take it over. Apparently Autohelm sent a complete replacement set of ST80 instruments over to the island an hour after I left, so Im going to change them over with the set on board & then bring the old set back with me.

Unfortunately theres always loads of kids around when I get ferries & they always seem to end up sitting near me. One of them seems to be unconscious with seasickness at the moment, and wheres she sitting? Yeah, behind me!

Last night I met up with Chris after he finished work, in Christies. He sat down and unable to resist his just when I have a drink cigarette, he had to visit the vending machine. We have our Club sandwiches (would we change?) & a couple of beers, then head back to the boat that Im staying on, Chris giving me a lift part of the way on the back of his bike.

We start playing Diablo, which is really quite scary in the dark, then Chris heads off back to Beaucette. Im just switching off the laptop when I hear voices. Its after midnight, the marinas normally empty at night & I really shouldnt be living there! I kill the lights & listen. They seem to have gone, so I have a look out the port. Suddenly I see two harbour patrol officers walking quickly along the quay! Theres a full moon outside, so I can see them clearly, I watch, & they come down the ramp to pontoon F. Ahh! How did they know that Im here? Did they see a light on? Did they see Chris leave? Theyre obviously going to think that Ive broken in & I cant say that Peter said I could sleep here, so what do I do? I strip down to my boxer shorts as quickly as I can & dive into my sleeping bag. I lie there knowing that theres every chance I could get arrested here, & hope they dont come over to the boat. No luck! Maglites get shone in all the windows, & they jump up onto the deck. Theres no way of locking the companionway & I know they can come in. Looks like theyve gone, I hear one of them say, but they carry on looking & trying to open the boat up. Harbour Patrol, they shout, Anyone in. At this point I know that if I dont answer them & they find me inside they wont believe any story I tell them, so I get up in my boxer shorts, trying to look like theyve just woken me up, & say,
Is this your boat, sir?
No its not, Im delivering it to the mainland first thing in the morning and Ive just been getting it sorted up for the trip.
Who are you doing the delivery for?
Castlemain. Peter Pearson, do you want his home number?
So, they eventually go, & I breathe a sigh of relief. I talked to Peter this morning & apparently they called him & werent happy at all.

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