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Mont Saint Michel

Im in Mont St. Michel tonight, about to go to sleep in the BMW in the car park just outside it. I sorted the yacht up a bit then drove over here this evening. It wasnt until late last night that I thought of doing this - DJ mailed me from Melbourne & told me about his trip here & I thought, hey! Its really impressive too - I went on the candlelit evening tour of the abbey which was probably much better than going during the daytime; less busy, no screaming kids & much more atmospheric. They had some quite high tech lighting too - sort of a cross between a nightclub & a church; certainly the first church Ive been into that had dry ice! Its somewhere Ive always wanted to go since I saw it in an Audi advert years ago (I could live there I remember thinking). Its only now that I realise that it must have been somewhere else that was featured in the advert of him driving across the causeway with the tide coming in (the one in Cornwall?) as there isnt exactly a cobbled causeway going to this!

Im sitting here in the car looking up at the magnificence of it floodlit before me. Its starting to rain outside & I can hear the sea roaring not far away. I decided this evening that although I hate tourists & doing touristy things, maybe I should try to do more. One of the reasons that I wanted to do my Grand Tour was to see some of the fabulous & famous sites the world has to offer. While walking around the abbey tonight, the smell of burning candlewax reminded me of fires on the beach at Balmerino; I should make a point of having more beach fires as well.

Todays quote, which is from the new Batman & Robin film: Why do all the gorgeous ones have to be psychopaths? Or is it just me?

Mont St Michel webcam

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