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Bound for San Sebastian

I�m about 34NM NNE of San Sebastian, which I�m bound for. It�s a beautiful sunny day & there�s blue sea & sky for as far as I can see. There�s only about 7 knots of wind, but Zamindar�s moving along at 4-5 knots which is a welcome relief after running the engine all day. Feeling a bit down, and a bit bored now though; I started to feel that way earlier when I was looking at the engine & wondering how much I could rely on it, then I noticed that there is quite a bit of water coming through the stern gland now (maybe 4 drops/second?), & this worried me a bit. I�m glad to finally be bound for Spain (for the second time of course!), but I guess I do get lonely & sometimes I wonder why I�m doing this.
I miss friends too. Ged & my friends in Scotland, Chris, Mark, Dan, & my friends in Guernsey. Sometimes I feel very alone. It�s much more peaceful & relaxing with the engine off. Yeah, much nicer. Although I do feel sad sometimes, is there anywhere else I�d rather be right now? I mean I miss lots of things, but maybe I�m just not appreciating what I have. I�m glad that I�m doing this, no matter how far I get or how long it lasts, & I�m sure I�ll look back upon these times with fond memories.

I�m starting to feel better now, & looking forward to making landfall at Spain. It in itself will be an accomplishment - a whole new country to explore & cruise around. At least I can stop practising my French! Though I am still bound for there & have 32NM left to go!

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