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San Sebastian

Here I am in Spain at last! It was quite a good trip down here, if a bit long, but it feels like an achievement to have made it. San Sebastian is really quite lovely. It's set in a bay surrounded by hills, and feels quite like Rio, partly due to the large Holy statue looking down on the town from a nearby hill. There's an island in the bay, in front of which I'm anchored, and this and the hills are floodlit at night. Some of the houses on the seafront are supposedly amongst the most expensive properties in Spain, but I sat on deck this evening having dinner and thinking, "Well, I've got a better view than all of you�". I sat and watched a Spanish guy rowing his girlfriend across the bay, something that a British guy would be unlikely to do. A passing thunderstorm lit up the sky and silhouetted towers against its light.

Today was lovely, with sunshine all the way through. The kind of days that I'm beggining to take for granted. Before lunch I dived off the back of the yacht and swam around it. I spent some of this afternoon trying to tighten my stern gland to stop the drip that was coming through. The problem was that my large adjustable spanner was too big to fit into the space that its in. Motorboats passed and increased the roll that the yacht had from the swell. Eventually I lost it and broke down crying. Something I probably haven't done for about a year. I was fed up of the mechanical problems, lonely, and at that moment had had enough. Soon it passed. I started to feel better. I left it dripping. Nothing else I could do. So I took the dinghy into town and checked my e-mail. I was having a problem logging onto the Spanish machine so I dialled up the French server across the border. I'd got a message from someone I didn't recognise... it was Kevin, mailing me from his office, where he'd just discovered a machine online. It was good to hear from him. Now I can stay in touch with almost all of my friends by e-mail. I picked up the shipping forecast; it was good. Tomorrow I would leave and head on to the next place. Although I would have quite liked to have stayed longer in San Sebastian, it was best to leave while the weather was good and before I got bored of the place. I took a seat in a cafe in the old square, had a coffee and some cake, and read through my e-mail. I liked San Sebastian with its picturesque bay and its old town with its maze of small citadel-like passages. I bought a frozen lasagne for dinner and took a walk along the seafront before I got back into the dinghy and motored back to the yacht. It was about 20:30 by this time, but it was still 25c. I appreciated how lucky I was. I had a look at the stern gland, mainly to see if it had got any worse and was surprised to see that it wasn't dripping as much. I'll see what it's like when I'm motoring though.

I feel quite contented and happy right now. Maybe crying this afternoon helped to get a lot of things out of my system

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