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Fortaleza to Belem, Brazil

It'�s Sunday evening & we'�re bound for Belem. I'�ve been lucky enough to find Steve Wright on World Service tonight, and apparently it'�s raining heavily in London this evening. It feels a million miles away as Steve describes the view out of Bush House on the Strand.

We'�re bound for Belem tonight. We were bound for Sao Luis, but just as we were about to enter the river last night, the engine started overheating, and unable to rely on it in the strong currents we would find, we had little choice but to skip Sao Luis and head onto Belem. Unfortunately to get out of the bay, we had to sail close-hauled into a force 6 for eight hours, which was not pleasant when we were all prepared for a day ashore. We both felt a bit seasick as Zamindar crashed through the waves. Now, though, we'�re back to civilised downwind sailing, and it finally feels like we�re making progress along Brazil�'s coastline. In Belem, I have to decide whether or not to head up to Trinidad in time for carnival. We�ve got almost four weeks left, so we could make it, but Antonio wants us to go up the Amazon with him, and then he'�s invited me to go racing on his racing yacht in Mexico� so let�s see what happens.

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