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Entering the Amazon River

We'�re now only a few hours from the entrance to Rio Para, one of the subsidiary rivers of the Amazon. I�'ve just been looking through the Autotide program and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was able to calculate tidal data for entrance and interim ports on the river. I was even happier to find that according to those times we should be going upriver with the tide. We still seem to be having some problems with seawater not coming through the exhaust outlet. Chris again stripped the engine down this evening, and changed the impeller once more and then it seemed to work, but whether this has fixed the problem or not remains to be seem. Anyway, we have the engine running right now and we plan to keep it running until we arrive at Belem. I�'m not too happy about entering the river at night, but there'�s a moon tonight and I think we should be safe enough, especially with these tidal predictions.

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