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Passagem do Mandii

This morning, Jack came across & woke us up at 06:20 to help Lola get fuelled up at the fuel barge. This we did, then nipped back upriver to the yacht club for a quick swim in the pool before Lola reappeared & we slipped our mooring and motored off. The plan was to get as far upriver as we could, but first we had to make a stop at Isla de Curtejuba to wait for the tide to change. We arrived there and went ashore to take a shower and have a coke in the bar while we waited. Then, as the boats began to swing around, we went back to Zamindar and set off again.

We didn�t have as much tide with us as we'�d expected, so our progress wasn'�t as good as we�'d hoped for. I spoke to Jack on the VHF and we agreed to head into a bay called Passagem do Mandii, or Mandi�'s Passage to anchor for the night. When we arrived, Lola was already anchored, but it really was a lovely place; one of the places that I�'d dreamed of anchoring my boat long before I had it. There were no houses or villages around, just a bay in the middle of deep green rainforest. We settled in and took the dinghy over to see everyone on Lola. Amy said that she was sure that she�d seen a crocodile, so although it was dark by this time, I set off in the dinghy with the spotlight to look for some, but didn�'t have any luck. I went back to Lola, and we were just about to start having dinner when the boats were hit by a huge squall. Rain poured down, and the wind steadily increased until their new deck cover was buckled and bent. We watched as the wind climbed to 40 or 50 knots and waited to see if either of the yachts would drag. The squall carried on for almost an hour, but finally it began to ease and we realised that the boats were going to be ok. I guess we just have to expect these squalls to come through at any time here and try to be ready for them.

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