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Chris and I ended up

Chris and I ended up drinking a bit too much in a bar last night. When we finally left we were forced to stop off for the obligatory kebab, which of course didnít taste of anything, but you never remember this when youíre drunk. At least it wasnít as bad as the microwave kebabs that Andrew and I were forced to buy one night in Glasgow when all the kebab places were shut, but nothing ever will be. Naturally we were both hungover this morning, but Chris went off to work (how does he do it?), and Iím beginning to recover now.

Anyway, what I wanted to do last night, prior to the drinking session, was mention that in the last weeks there have been more security breaches in the internet than ever before. The furthest reaching one concerns the discovery that embedding a simple Java script into an email lets the sender see exactly what the recipient said when that e-mail is forwarded and who it is forwarded to. For instance, if one of your friends adds your name to a chain letter that contains this script, the original sender would then have your e-mail address to do whatever he or she would like with. It could certainly be used by spamming and e-mail marketing companies. Fortunately, turning off JavaScript in your e-mail program, will prevent any e-mails that you forward from being interrogated in this way. Instructions on how to do this and the full story are here.

The Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) which was developed to protect the transfer of information on the internet has also been compromised lately. This affects mainly transactions and banking over the internet, and although there are not expected to be many cracks using this, people are recommended, as always, to keep an eye on bank and credit card balances. Other recommendations for computers connected to the internet include;
Treat e-mail and instant messaging as being as private as a postcard
Do not transmit private information wirelessly
Never keep credit card or confidential information anywhere on that computer
Sacrifice a virgin goat every full moon
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