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Iíve spent most of the

Iíve spent most of the afternoon packing so far as tomorrow is my last day in Bristol. When we flew out from Copenhagen, we didnít know where we were going to, so we took clothes to cover just about any climate. Now, unfortunately, Iíve got to somehow fit them into my bag to take back, as well as a Palm for Ninaís dad and a film scanner for me. Iím hoping to scan in some of the pictures we took in the Bahamas when I get back, and get them up on the website.

The weekend was fairly rough, and involved lots of heavy drinking in pubs and clubs in Bristol. On Friday night I cut my hand after climbing up a signpost (obviously Iíve been away from Guernsey Mountaineering Club too long!), and on Saturday night Chris lost his phone. I really didnít plan to go out on Saturday. Chris was organizing a pub crawl with some people in Airbus where he works, and I planned to skip it, but after he bought me large amounts of caffeine in Starbucks, I couldnít remember why I wanted to go home. It all went fairly well until Chris took everyone to The Elephant Bar, which we soon realized, was, yes you guessed it again, gay. After this happening in South Africa as well, I was the first one to notice the subtle clues that gave it away; only men in the bar, and lots of them snogging each other. So we avoided using the toilets, and made a sharp exit. Am I the only person that this ever happens to?

I did find an interesting website at the weekend. Hottelephone.com lets you make a free call from your pc to any landline phone in 15 countries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnít, but it is free.

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