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Copenhagen, Denmark Suddenly it's got

Copenhagen, Denmark
Suddenly it's got colder here in the last few days and we had some snow yesterday, but nothing that lasted. Meanwhile the boat is basking in about 24c over in Florida where the sun's shining. Still it is nice to have a break from sailing this year, catch up on what's happening in the real world, and think about some new projects.

I was hoping to get over to Sweden in the last week to do some skiing, but then I found out that the bridge toll each way was about 20 pounds, so I reconsidered and spent a bit more time sitting in cafes reading. At the moment I'm reading 'A Boat in our Baggage', which is about travelling around the world with a collapsible kayak. When I can't face the sight of dead trees anymore, I swap over to my Palm where I'm reading my first e-book, Underground. One of my favourite shows recently has been Trigger Happy TV, and tonight I checked out their website, the best of which is their stressbuster - Online meditation if life is getting to you!

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